MPACT Missions was founded by Mark McBride in the summer of 1997. Two youth leaders from different churches brought their youth together to impact Georgetown, Texas in a way they would not soon forget. Random acts of kindness were sweeping the town and townspeople were learning that this was free and it was being done by none other than teenagers. The reason for such kindness was simply to show the love of Christ to others. After many long hours on the road and many church youth groups later, MPACT has been providing missions throughout Texas since that time. The mission trips are led by youth pastors from different churches each summer. Working together, students develop responsibility and accountability as they serve in teams during the week-long mission. They take on different projects such as painting houses, mowing lawns, home repairs, and even something as simple as carrying some one’s groceries. They learn good citizenship as they serve a community. They learn compassion for those in need. Tolerance, friendliness, acceptance, manners and self-control are also learned as they interact with other teens. Working through the week, learning determination, endurance and dependability as they follow-through with their commitments to serve God and build His Kingdom.