Youth Pastors & Leaders

Returning youth pastors & leaders, by the end of January you should receive a Promotional Packet which includes a Participant Registration Form, Previous Year DVD’s and Posters to display in your church and youth room.

New youth pastors & leaders interested in attending MPACT, you can find all the forms and information you need on our FORMS page.

Distribute the Participant Registration Form to all who are interested in attending MPACT, asking them to return it by mid February. You will use the Registration Form for online registration. The bottom of the form is for your use to help keep tabs on completion of all forms needed for each participant. Each Participant will need to complete a Medical Release Form. The Minor Medical Release Form (MMR) is for students 18 and under.  The Adult Medical Release Form (AMR) is for all adult sponsors college age and older. A Medication Form will need to be completed for any student under 18 who will be bringing prescription medication to MPACT.  All forms mentioned here can be found on our FORMS page.

NOTE:  We ask that you and you ONLY, register your students/adults by April 1st to help prevent us from getting double registrations.  If you are ready to register your group now, click here.  In order to form Teams, we need a vehicle capacity count. Please complete the Vehicle Registration Form here.

Your deposit of $50 per person will be due March 1st.  This will lock your participants at $165 per person.  Any participants’ deposits paid after March 1st will be charged a late registration fee of $25, for a total of $190 per person. Remaining balances are due by May 1st. Once again, for those participants who pay their deposits by March 1st, the cost is $165, remaining balance is $115 minus deposit. If they pay their deposits after March 1st, the cost is $190, remaining balance is $145 minus deposit.


Please make checks payable to MPACT Missions and mail to:

MPACT Missions

PO Box 458

Eldorado, TX  76936