What You Can Expect During the Week


You Ministers and their youth from around Texas will arrive at the host church between the times of 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Saturday.  After each youth group checks through MPACT registration. Each group is assigned sleeping quarters in a designated area of the church/school we will house in for the week.  They will set up their belongings in the sleeping areas and begin to settle into their home away from home for the week.  They will have time to explore around the church/school, grab a soft drink at the concession stand, play basketball, volleyball, or meet other participants before dinner time.

First Session – Saturday Evening

After dinner, everyone will have a few moments to relax before the evening worship time.  During the evening worship time we will enjoy group energizers, singing, orientation and a challenging message.  We will review the expectations and guidelines with everyone and update them with all the pertinent information they will need for the evening and the following days to come.

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning we will meet in the church/school cafeteria for breakfast.  We will be led in a worship time by a youth minister and praise team during the Sunday school time.  At the close of the worship time we will all go to our assigned churches for regular church worship.  Some groups may stay at the host church while others will be assigned to other churches in the community and surrounding towns.  After the close of the Sunday morning worship times all groups will head back to the host church to eat lunch.   After lunch each participant will break into work teams for the week.  When the teams have been assigned they will go to their work sites which have been designated by the Host Church ahead of time.  Some teams may start their work projects on Sunday afternoon while others will go to the site and meet their host families.  After the teams see their work sites and determine their needs for the work week they will go as a team to a local restaurant/fast food place for dinner at their expense.

Monday-Thursday (Morning)

Breakfast is at 7:45 a.m. each morning followed by a worship time.  While the youth are having a devotional/prayer time, the adult leaders will be meeting each morning at 7:30 a.m.  From there everyone will go to their assigned work site with their teams.   Monday through Wednesday, teams will work at their assigned sites. Thursday the entire group will have a “fun day” together.

Monday-Thursday (Evening)

You will return to the host church around 4:30 p.m. and head to the church/school to take a shower before some free time and dinner. After dinner, everyone will come together for a group worship time.  The evening worship times will offer fun activities, community building, singing and praising God led by youth bands, and a message from the Bible by a youth minister or adult leader with an inspirational and challenging message plus a “video of the day presentation”.

Tuesday Night during worship we want to recognize our seniors who have graduated.  They are not only graduating from high school but some are graduating from MPACT.  This will be a time to thank them for their service and commitments and pray blessings over their lives. Most MPACT students begin mission work with us as a 7th grader and Praise God we get to watch them grow up, graduate and return as a college student and sometimes a youth minister. We are truly like one big family!


Before breakfast all groups will pack and load their vehicles.  After breakfast all groups must help clean up the host church.  Once the church is clean all groups will head back to their home churches.