Thank you for accepting the call to serve as an MPACT Host Church. We could not do God’s work without your help. A base camp for our mission team is vital to our operation and our ability to serve the community in your area. Our presence at your church is also an opportunity for your church and other churches in your area to be involved in mission work.

Our mission is to provide free home repairs to low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners. Locating these prospective clients can sometimes be a challenge. Knowing who to call for referrals is a big help to us. Agencies that have been helpful in the past are service providers such as meals on wheels, visiting nurses, state and local service providers, United Way, small churches in low-income areas, and local ‘community advocates’ (individuals who know who needs help). These referrals can help us find what needs to be done in your city.

MPACT cannot be successful without the participation of the Host Church and the Coordinators that are assigned job responsibilities. Our goal is to help you and your community, but at the same time empower and equip you with able hands and hearts. This will allow opportunities to teach your church how to grow by reaching beyond the doors of your church, school or business. We are all about Outreach and serving God with Excellence through our mission. We have found that some of the most important people involved in our mission are those that God will call to serve from the host church. You become a vital part in making our daily schedules flow and help us maintain that high standard of Excellence.


MPACT is managed by veteran Youth Directors and Youth Ministers who value teaching our youth how to serve. These leaders set the tone for the youth as they serve and work with one another on a daily basis. They provide guidance through each project and create a clear understanding of what it means to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ.


Each task is important. We want to bring together a quality, God honoring, leadership building, community event that leaves an impact. Volunteers from all over Texas come together because we care about missions, people and youth. In order to make MPACT a successful ministry, we need your help through ownership. We not only need individuals who currently serve as youth leaders, we also need church members to help us accomplish our goals. Each of us is brought together as a team.

Ownership is a must as everyone has a special job to do. When a volunteer steps up and takes ownership they tend to make sure it’s done right. If you have expertise in a certain area or you just have a willingness to serve, we have a position that needs you. The more you take ownership in this ministry the more God will use you to your fullest capacity and you will receive a huge blessing in return.

At MPACT we believe we all should be more concerned with the Kingdom Legacy. This may be cultivating the ground prior to MPACT and continuing that/harvesting as an example. MPACT works as a catalyst or para-church organization in its involvement with the local church. Whether it is seen as a revival, mission trip, catalyst, cultivation, seed tossing, or even harvesting…when MPACT is gone the local church or churches are the ones called to serve that community for the long haul. Preparing churches to realize their part in the kingdom and preparing them for the before, during, and after…much like a Billy Graham crusade is important. This is Kingdom Work for the glory of the Father not of anyone person or organization or local church.

Our mission is one week long (Saturday late afternoon – Friday morning), and are comprised of youth and adult volunteers (average is 1 adult per 9 youth) who will be sleeping, eating, worshiping, and calling your church “home” while they are serving people in your area.

As Host Church, you will elect a Host Church Liaison who will be your primary contact with our Directors during preparation time before and the week of our mission. The Host Church Liaison should be someone who is available and can assist the Directors by showing them around the church, answering questions, and being a link between MPACT and the Host Church. In the past this person has been a Minister of Youth or strong leader of the Host Church.

The Liaison is encouraged to keep in contact with our Executive Director and any of the Coordinating Directors (before, during or after our mission) should he/she have any questions or concerns. We communicate with you through trips to your church, email and phone as we walk you through how to prepare for our arrival.

Leading also means Host Coordinators from the Host Church are needed to help form teams of people ahead of time to make sure our mission will happen in an orderly fashion. The reason for these coordinators is because they are the key leaders with the most knowledge of the area we will be working in. Forming teams around these coordinators is a must to being successful in our mission.

We encourage your church congregation, other churches in your area, and community service organizations (Rotary, Lions, etc.) to be involved to whatever degree they choose. In the following list of expectations you may identify some opportunities for involvement during the week of mission service at your church and in your community.

Most of the following items will need to be addressed in the months leading up to the actual mission date so that we will have completed all the logistics to prepare our mission to run smoothly.